Oh my god lets go surfing!

Moni is the name. 1D. Mexico. 18.
●The Maiden to my Direction●
●The Nandos to my Niall●
●My mulingar bandits●


drunkrunaways inquired: "moni are u even alive?! :O"

Yessss I am, Doanneeeeeeee :3

Anonymous inquired: "oh dear, why did you call niall 'ny'? its like calling liam lee, wtf."

I’ve been calling him like that since the beginning & I’m not gonna change that just because… lol, soz.


MALIHAAAA MY DEAAAAAAAR. I hope you’re having a great time :3

Anonymous inquired: "plzzzzzz give mr the url of niall's blog?"

I don’t know the url lol & I just found out about the situation so yeah, sozz.

lovlypleasure inquired: "Do you speak spanish? I love your blog! It's so ksdbgzkb BEAUTIFUL♥"

Yeah haha, it’s my first language. Aw thank you so much :’)

Anonymous inquired: "june 6th is my bday :)"

If you are from mexico, are you gonna see them that day?! It would be an amazing present :’)

Anonymous inquired: "ARE 1D REALLY COMING TO MEXICO?"

Well yes, June 5th & 6th :)

nihora inquired: "omg are you ok hahahaha"

yESSS omfgjgf why?

vrosales inquired: "Sigh, me imagino :')!! Ahh tomaste fotos o videos? O:"

Aw si, si. Más que nada traté de disfrutarlo por que es una de mis bandas favoritas desde hace demasiado tiempo (Tbh me gusta más que el pop ha) Pero si tomé muchas fotos & vídeos, solo que antes estuve triste por que esperé 8 hrs en el hotel & nunca pude verlos, pero bueno. Estoy más que feliz con su show! :’)

vil-souvenir inquired: "Wuju otra directioner mexicana ! :)"

Awe si, aunque ya hay bastantintas, siempre es agradable conocer más haha! :)

vrosales inquired: "OMFG vi que ibas a ir al concierto de MGMT ahhhh ;( que envidia, me imagino que estuvo de poca! :')"

Fui al concierto! ASD;fdkfjgkj fue lo mejor. Llegué super temprano a hacer fila, a las 6 am haha & estuve en primera fila. Flawless son flawless, te lo prometo asd;dfjk a mi me fascina el baterista, Will & estuve justo enfrente de él & Andrew, perfección :’)

Anonymous inquired: "how can you deal with directionators at school"

lmao… well in my school I don’t even know people who like 1D, I’m in the university & I don’t have the time to pay attention to that haha. Even tho I’m part of the official fan club on here but idk, I’m just a happy fan haha.

Anonymous inquired: "whats ur fav 1d song"

I can’t decide but I really love One thing, I want & moments. :)

i-rishyouwerenakedniall inquired: "Your blog is perfect."

Is so not! But thank you very much darling.

captayne inquired: "I love your blog :)"

Thank you so so much, awe :’)